The Soldier's Homecoming

by Edmund Bristow (1787 - 1876)

Bristow was considered to be somewhat of a recluse – little is known of his life. He was born on 1st April and was the son of a heraldic painter. He lived in Windsor, Berkshire – which often became the subject of his works along with Eton College.

It is traditionally believed that Bristow was a friend and adviser of the great artist Sir Edwin Landseer (1802-1873).

Bristow’s views were eccentric and independent and rarely worked to commissions and sometimes refused to sell the completed work of art. He had a handful of important patrons early on in his career – Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Clarence, later William IV. Although prolific early on his career, it appears that Bristow retired from painting in about 1847, some thirty years before his death. He continued to lead a remote and secluded life and little more was known of him.

Bristow was considered to be very talented. He worked on both small scale paintings that had fine attention to detail as well as large scale canvases. The subject matter of his works varied from animals and sporting scenes, still-life, domestic interiors and landscape. He only painted a few equestrian portraits and these were painted with great sensitivity and knowledge and feeling of the horse.

The Soldier

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19th Century

Oil on canvas

19 1/2 x 24 inches

UK Private Collection

Dictionary of Equestrian Artists by Sally Mitchell